Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Church History Quiz

I created a quiz. It's not as good as I wanted it to be, but I forgot the name of the one I originally started and I couldn't finish it.

Anyway, here it is. Come and take it.

You got 100% correct

You are a Church history expert. You know more than the average Catholic. You probably even have a love of Latin. Which your knowledge, you should consider teaching religious education classes, if you don't already.

How well do you know the history of the Catholic Church
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Brian Michael Page said...

90 here - one wrong. No way of knowing which one either. Hmmmmmmmm... I know I got the birthday of the Church right (Pentecost), and the Latin question was false... never mind.

DominiSumus said...

The weird thing is, I set is to tell which answers were wrong and give explanations. It doesn't seem to be working though. :-(

I'll have to try again.