Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First Communion

I received the Eucharist for the first time 19 years ago today. I was so excited...not because of the dress or the party after, but because I was finally going to receive Jesus. Yes, I was in love with church stuff even back then.


Fr.Dennis said...

What an awesome event to remember!

Brian Michael Page said...

Mine was 35 years ago - 5/16/71. The music was horrid. Closing song: Turn, turn, turn. Other big hits included "We are your flesh now" and "Take our bread", all on guitar.
The killer is - the 11 AM Mass at that particular church was normally a Polish Mass, but switched to English for first Communion. The Polish-speaking folks that came anyways must have been mortified.

BTW, I'm willing to bet you were the one in the long dress. It's a great memory to have.

Domini Sumus said...

The music for mine was horrid as well. We sang "His Banner Over Me is Love" and a whole bunch of Carey Landry hits.

No, I am not the one in the long dress. I am the one recieving in the picture. I am blocked by the "angel" who is the girl in the long purple gown. There was an "angel" in each pew. They escorted us and sat with us in the pews.

I also wanted to mention that my First Communion class was 120 kids

Brian Michael Page said...

120 - that's huge! Mine was the combined first/second grade class in a parish school that was to close after that year - 26 kids. I was in first grade then.

I haven't been to a first Communion yet (outside of playing) that has had much of any decent music at all. All four of my kids' FC's have been musical disasters. One nephew's (wife's side) FC had pretty good selections (except for Bring Flowers - that song is proof that there was bad music before 1962 as well, IMO), but the playing stunk. My other nephew's (my side) FC (musically) was a pig circus, the worst of all of the one's I've had to endure. My niece's FC was just as bad (hers was in the same church as my own kids). My last parish in Warwick's FC didn't go off without a couple of CCD teachers (who doubled as choir members) pulling off some crap.