Saturday, October 06, 2007

Catholic Blogger Meme

I got this meme from Brian:

1. Do you attend the Traditional Latin Mass or the Novus Ordo?
I attended my first TLM this morning. I will post my comments about it later. My regular Mass is the Novus Ordo.

2. If you attend the TLM, how far do you drive to get there?
Half an hour

3. If you had to apply a Catholic label to yourself, what would it be?
Catholic Geek

4. Are you a comment junkie?

5. Do you go back to read the comments on the blogs you’ve commented on?

6. Have you ever left an anonymous comment on another blog?
Yes, but not usually.

7. Which blogroll would you most like to be on?
Anyone who will have me.

8. Which blog is the first one you check?
Usually, The Cafeteria is Closed.

9. Have you met any other bloggers in person?
Yes. Brian, Fr. Ethan McCarthy, from the now defunct The Diary of a Suburban Priest, Cardinal Sean, Fr. Roger Landry, Rob, Fr. Thomas Kocik

10. What are you reading?
The Summa Theologiae, De Deo Uno, and De Deo Trino.

If you are reading, consider yourself tagged

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