Sunday, September 21, 2008

Foolishness to Catholics

In class last week we were discussing the early Roman Martyrs, in particular Felicity and Perpetua. One woman in the class announced that she really didn't give her faith much importance but she thought that martyrdom was "the stupidest thing on earth". It wasn't so much what she said, as the contempt and anger she showed toward the martyrs that got to me.

Throughout history our world has been shaped by those who were willing to give their lives for what they believed in. Would this woman have shown such contempt for soldiers who lost thier lives in battle, or for those who died in the civil rights movement? I seriously doubt it.

Those are noble causes worth dying for, but to her and so many others, faith is something they can take or leave. As she said, her own faith didn't mean anything to her. God works in great and mysterious ways because there is a young Vietamese sister in my class who talked about Catholic martyrs in her country and throughout Asia. It was amazing to see the complete change of heart the woman had when she heard about current persecutions of Christians.

Here in America, we take our religious liberty for granted and in a way it can cause it to mean less to us. We need to spread the message of our suffering brother and sisters in faith to remind us how lucky we are to be able to choose to believe or not.


Brian Michael Page said...

I already gave out my WTF award for the month of September (to someone who was stupid enough to try to request Eagle's Wings at an Extraordinary Form Mass). But I would have no problem with making the woman in question a co-recipient. Who says we can't have a tie? LOL!


DominiSumus said...

Had this person ever attended an Extraordinary Form Mass before?

I can't stand the "requests" for Sunday Mass. Thankfully, I only get them about once a year and I never accept them.

The last was from an elderly woman who also tried to offer me an additional stipend.

Brian Michael Page said...

I usually make it a rule to refuse requests in the ordinary form on Sundays as well. Bad enough we get'em for funerals and weddings.