Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christ is the Point - Part 4

Don't take anything that I have written in this series as my recommendations for you. These posts are my way of sorting through my very confused thoughts over the past several weeks and I thought I would share these thoughts in case they can help someone else.

There are definately times when a person should go to another parish. In my opinion, if your spiritual well-being or that of your family is being harmed and there is another parish within a reasonable distance, then by all means go there.

There are several things that complicate my situation. 1) I am at least partially responsible for these abuses and so feel a responsibility to make up for my sins. 2) I have the knowledge and real ability to work to correct them. 3) In addition to my pastor being part of my spiritual family, he is also, although not by blood, part of my real family. 4) The numbers of priests in active ministry are falling and we need every priest we have. 5) I love my pastor and true love means making hard choices.

Because of those three things I have chosen my path. I don't know if I will make progress or not, but I will take St. Catherine of Siena and St. Monica as my patrons in this task

It's not about what would make me happy or what would be less frustrating. Christ is the point!

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