Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rome - The Flight

Since today marks exactly one year since my trip to Rome, I have decided that I will post an edited version of my trip diary and some pictures from the trip. I had planned to post these each day, but I our hotel did not have wireless internet access, even though I had been told that it did. While I was able to find some very nice internet cafes, since everything was saved on this computer and not on a flash drive or CD is was just more than I could get involved with during my very busy trip.

These will be posted daily according to the date. Since today was the day my flight left, I will tell you about my flight.

You can find part two of my report here.

Today is Tuesday, March 21, 2006. My husband and I are traveling to Rome to attend the consistory which will take place on Friday. This is our first trip to Europe and visiting Rome has been a lifelong dream, well as lifelong as something can be at my age. Wile I am excited to be going to Rome, my excitement is completely eclipsed by my joy of who is becoming a cardinal. Cardinal-Elect Sean O'Malley is a dear friend and after working with him for so many years I always knew he would get a "red hat" eventually, but I never dreamed I would be in St. Peter's to see it.

We flew on Continental Airlines from Logan to Newark, then from Newark to Rome. We arrived at Logan airport early. Because we were early, we were able to take an earlier flight. It was a good thing too because it took so long time to get through security in Newark that if we hadn’t taken the earlier flight, we wouldn’t have had enough time to have lunch.

There were at least 8 priests on our flight who were wearing clerical attire. Cardinal McCarrick and my bishop, Bishop Coleman were on our flight. There was also another bishop who I couldn't identify. Had this been during my younger, bolder days I would have approached him and asked his name, but I think that would have made my husband very unhappy.

There is also a girls sports team of some type on board. They are so loud that I can't sleep. The girls sitting behind me keep pushing on my seat. I just turned around to give them a dirty look, but I don't think they care. I guess I won't antagonize them. I do plan on getting a little sleep on this flight.

Ok, I slept for about an hour. When we get to Rome it is going to be 8 am tomorrow, which means it will be 2 am back at home. Must get more sleep!

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