Friday, March 07, 2008

College Meme

Stolen from the guys at Christus Vincit.

When you attended Providence College, where did you live?
Luckily for me, at home. I have never been one for the dorm environment. I like my privacy too much and the idea of sharing MY space with a stranger is very unsettling.

Who was/were your roommate(s)?
My husband and son. ;-)

Do you still talk to them?
I hope so.

Ever get in trouble in the dorms?

Something you remember when you lived on campus?
Luckily, I never lived on campus, unless you count the numerous hours spent in the cafeteria and library.

Your campus phone number or other number?
If I tell you, you will call me.

First party attended?
Party? Did I mention I am a Catholic geek? I don't have time for parties.

Favorite Pizza Place?
I can't think of it name of it. I guess that shows how often I go there.

Favorite place to go out to eat?
The cafeteria - I hate giving up my parking space. I never know if I will get one when I get back.

Did you go to the library?
Yes, yes, and yes. I spend so much time there that people know exactly what corner to find me in.

What was your Favorite Floor you'd always be on?
2nd floor in the library (Theology section) or the theology library in the basement of Siena.

Where did you buy your books?
From the campus store (expensive), the off campus bookstore (poor selection) and Amazon (takes forever to ship).

Play any sports?
Extreme paper writing. lol!

Ever attend a sporting event?

Ever attend a concert or comedic performance?
No, but there have been a few that interested me.

Favorite professor(s)?
Yes - Despina Prassas, she taught a class called "Growth in Christian Life". Don't let the title fool you. This was a class on Sacraments in the Early Church. I came away from that class with a much deeper understanding of the continuity of the celebration of the Sacraments. I wrote my term paper on the use of Sacred Chrism in the rite of Baptism.

She really did so much more than just teach. She inspired me to take my theological study as far as I can. Because of her example, I hope to follow in her footsteps and someday teach theology.

Have you ever spent the night on campus not in a residence?

Favorite night to go out on, and where did you go?
Friday, usually out to dinner at some random restaurant.

Where did you buy your coffee?
Dunkin, cafeteria coffee is AWFUL!

Favorite Year of Halloween?

Favorite memory?
They time Dr. Barry really believed that I was a CDF official sent to his class to investigate him for theological orthodoxy. He was.

Go see a play or been in one?

What did you hate about your college?
The price, feeling like the only theology/ministry major, dealing with professors who are a little less than orthodox (99% have been very good, but there are bad apples in every bunch).

What did you love most about it?
Studying topics I am interested in.

Where would you believe is the best location to live?
Absolutely, the Suites.

Graduated or still attending?
Still attending. I start my junior year in May.

Year of graduation?
Will be 2010.

Will you go back?
To school, yes. To PC, probably not.

How many parking tickets have you gotten there?
None, so far.

Finally, ever gotten arrested?

Tag you're it!

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