Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finding Yourself?

How many times have you heard someone, especially a person between 16 and 30 years old talk about finding themselves? If you are like me, you hear it in one of it's many forms at least once a day. It is on TV, people talk about it, it's in music. Basically it's everywhere.

So...what is finding oneself? Are we other than what we are? Can we be other than what we are? Of we pretend to be other than what we are doesn't that mean we are us pretending to be someone else? Ok, I am going on a metaphysical tangent, but I think you can get my point. I am me, I am not anyone else. Even if I try to be like someone else, I am still myself I am only doing what I do not believe in. In essence, it would mean I was a fraud.

I believe that when most people talk about finding themselves, they means finding out what they believe and finding one's vocation? If that is the case, they shouldn't be looking for themselves, they should be looking for God. He has the answers they are looking for.

The next time you are looking for what you are meant to do with your life, don't go looking for yourself...look for God. You don't have to go backpacking through Europe or quit your job. Go to Mass, pray, listen to God. He will guide you.

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