Friday, June 08, 2007

It's That Season Again

Ordinations...Retirements...and Clergy Transfers. The season is upon us.

In my diocese, four retirements were announced last week. Six clergy transfers were officially announced today as well as the closing of two parishes and the creation of a new parish to replace the two that closed. There are no presbyteral ordinations but two seminarians are becoming transitional deacons tomorrow.

All of this requires a bit of change on the part of the clergy and the laity. One of the priests in my diocese, Fr. Tim Goldrick is blogging about the transition of moving from one parish to another. I think he captured it very well.

Unlike some dioceses, priests in my diocese do not serve terms. Although they can appeal the decision, they can be transferred at the will of the bishop. While this can cause some unhappy priests and parishioners, it allow the bishop to assign priests where they are most needed. I believe this allows the Church to be served best.

On a related note:

Shouts has posted an excellent vocations ad from the Diocese of St. Augustine.

The text at the bottom of the ad reads:
It takes a community to raise a priest; from families who talk about vocations, to parishioners who pray for and champion religious life, to priests themselves, who through their lives of compassion and sacrifice, reveal Christ's abundant love. If you know someone who would make a good priest, tell him. And ask him to call our Vocations Office. Your encouragement could make all the difference.

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