Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Papal Mass Tickets

For those interested in attend the Papal Mass at Yankee Stadium I have the following ticket information.

Boston will be getting 3,000 tickets. Tickets will be distributed to people registered in parishes located in the Archdiocese. Bus transportation to New York has also been arranged.

Charlotte will be getting 100 tickets. Anyone can apply, but the diocese has already recieved over 150 requests. Tickets will be granted through a lottery.

Chicago will be getting 100 tickets. Pastors at each of Chicago’s 363 parishes have been asked to submit four nominees. Winners will be chosen by lottery.

Syracuse will be getting 500 tickets. There are no tickets remaining.

Philadelphia is getting an undisclosed number of tickets, but I assume it is 3,000. The application period ended on Jan 24th.

Louisville is getting 650 tickets. All tickets have been reserved.

Fall River recieved 100 tickets. All tickets have been reserved.

Based on this information I will assume that dioceses celebrating bicentennials will recieve 3,000 tickets and other dioceses will recieve 100 tickets.

Ticket information for the Mass in Washington DC has not been released yet.

Check out the event website for details.

Update: For those who can't get tickets, the Archdiocese of Boston is building a website which will have full coverage of all the papal events. It's not up yet, but the address will be:

Update: Dallas has 150 tickets to the Mass in Washington and 10 tickets to the Mass in New York for parishioners on parishes in the diocese.

UPDATE: (March 10, 2008) The Archdiocese of New York is running a contest where one lucky person will win a trip to New York and two tickets to the Pontifical Mass at Yankee Stadium. More info here.


beatrice Sloan said...

I have not received my $121.00 refund for the Papal Mass bus trip-which I was unable to attend. Beatrice Sloan 781 925-9222.

Domini Sumus said...

Beatrice, I have deleted your comment because this is not the place to post your personal information.

You need to contact whoever you booked the bus trip with. I cannot help you.