Friday, February 01, 2008

The Zaire Use Liturgy

I came across an interesting post at Rubrics and Ritual about the Zaire Use Liturgy. I had never heard of the Zaire Use, but I was familiar with some of the different liturgical practices of various countries.

I wonder what a Mass according to these rubrics would look like. It seems, at least on paper, to be a rather reverent celebration of the Eucharist, but I realize that theory and practice are very different things. While I cringe at the idea of the priest dancing around the altar, dance is often an important part of african sacred celebrations. I can respect that if it truly is an element which is of great importance to the people. Better Catholics dancing around the altar truly worshipping God, then not worshipping the one true God. The problem lies when liturgists assume that because something is acceptable in one culture that it is acceptable in another. Dance is not an essential part of European (yes, as Americans we have been inculturated into what at least used to be European culture) culture.

No matter your opinion, it's an interesting liturgy.

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