Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I Love You Lord

Translation by Domini Sumus

You called me to walk with you for all of my life.
I decided to follow you forever, with no turning back.
You put an ember in my breast and an arrow in my soul,
It is hard now to live without being reminded of you.

I Love you, Lord. I love you Lord,
I can only find peace and joy when I'm close to you (2x)

I often thought about being silent and refusing to answer.
I thought I could hide on the trail and go far away from you,
but your strength won out at the end and I was seduced.
It is hard now to live without deeply longing for you.

O Jesus, you will never leave me alone to walk by myself.
For you know my weakness and my heart.
Come teach me how to live life in your presence,
In brotherly love, joy, peace, unity.

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