Thursday, September 22, 2005

A good book to read

I just finished reading Pope Benedict's memoirs, entitled "Milestones". He wrote it several years ago. In his book, he chronicles his life from his birth until 1979.

I found it very interesting, especially the beginning chapters where he talks about life in Germany during World War 2. It gives a rare insight into the life of an average German family living under they tyranny of Hitler.

After reading it this book, I feel I understand him and his theology much better. I am not going to say that I now agree with everything he says, but I understand how he came to those conclusions.

I think I must make a brief mention of my opinions of our new Holy Father. While I do not agree with him on all matters, I do believe that he is a good and holy man. He is fervent in his faith and desire to better the Catholic Church. Doctrinally, he is flawless. However, we differ on implementation and liturgy

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