Monday, September 26, 2005

Wedding Nightmare

Wedding season is starting to wind down. I still have two weddings left this year. For some reason, October has become a popular month for wedding. The days of the June brides are fading.

As I was thinking about all the weddings I have been part of, and all the rehearsals I have coordinated, I thought of the many so-called "Bridezillas" I have encountered. Is it inevitable that every bride will become crazy? While I don't think so, it sure seems that way.

Planning a wedding, expecially a large one, is a demanding and exhausting task. Many brides dream of the "perfect" wedding. Usually that is modeled after something they have seen on TV or in a movie. Unfortunately, those weddings aren't reality. To have a wedding like that requires an extreme amount of planning and cost. As time passes, they realize that the wedding of their dreams is impossible and the frustration starts to build.

I wish more brides (and grooms) would put as much time and effort into planning the marriage as they put in planning the wedding.

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