Saturday, July 22, 2006

Come Away and Rest A While - Part 2

Don't get me wrong by my last post, I completely understand the restricted life of the Pope.
Being Pope means never being able to have dinner at your favorite restaurant, or doing your own shopping. Everywhere he goes he is followed by crowds. His days are filled with meetings and audiences. The Pope must be guarded in friendships. Pope John XXIII once wrote to his sister telling her to beware of people who seemed to want to be friends with her and those who showered her with gifts and trips.

It is a life I cannot imagine enduring. To endure being the Servant of the Servants of God requires true vocation.

I would like to remind everyone of Pope Benedict's comments regarding his feelings upon realizing he had been elected,

"As the trend in the ballots slowly made me realize that - in a manner of speaking the guillotine would fall on me - I started to feel quite dizzy. I thought that I had done my life's work and could now hope to live out my days in peace."I told the Lord with deep conviction, 'Don't do this to me. You have younger and better [candidates] who could take up this great task with a totally different energy and with different strength.'"

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