Friday, July 14, 2006

Rosaries for the Troops

Mary Zilligan Becker, a Chicago-area Catholic, who with her husband runs an online business called Seat of Wisdom Book and Gifts that sells religious items, turned out to be the perfect person to contact the chaplain because she has been able to get him the religious supplies he needs.

Father Hannigan's first request was for 1,000 rosaries. His appeal was specific: rosaries that were tan-colored, corded, with black plastic crucifixes. Beaded rosaries can reflect light, or clink at the wrong moment, which is not a good thing on a battlefield, he said.

She initially shipped 500 rosaries and continues to collect them.
The chaplain's next request was for copies of the Baltimore Catechism and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Becker ordered the books and began a campaign of her own to pay the nearly $5,000 cost of the books and the $800 shipping fees. In a June letter to Becker, the chaplain said that once the next shipment arrived he would have plenty of copies of the catechism, but he said he could still use rosaries, medals, prayer books and books about the saints.

On the Web site, people donate specific religious items to the soldiers. They can choose religious books, scapulars or holy medals.

More information about helping with this project is available online at:, or by writing to:

Seat of Wisdom
1247 Oakmont Ave.
Flossmoor, IL 60422.

Notes also can be sent directly to:
Father John T. Hannigan
7th Marines Regiment HQ Co
Unit 41505 FPO
AP 96426-1505.

Read more about the project here
Source: The Tidings

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