Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Miracle for John Paul II?

A young Italian man cured of lung cancer has attributed his recovery to the miraculous intervention of John Paul II in a case which could speed the late pope along the road to sainthood .

According to Neapolitan daily Il Mattino on Thursday, the man from Salerno south of Naples was taken into hospital last year where he was diagnosed with lung cancer. After his wife prayed to John Paul II, the dead pope reportedly appeared in a dream to her and reassured her that her husband would be alright .

A few days after the dream, doctors noticed a marked improvement in the man's condition. Within weeks, his cancer completely disappeared, doctors say .

Salerno Archbishop Gerardo Pierro told Il Mattino he was confident that a miracle had taken place .

"There is medical proof otherwise I wouldn't have dared bring up the case. The recovery has lasted - a year and a half later, the inexplicable remains confirmed," he said .

"This could mean that John Paul II will soon be beatified," the archbishop added .

The diocese of Salerno is now looking into the case .

Vatican officials are already working for the beatification of the Polish-born John Paul, who died in April 2005 at the age of 84 after a reign of 27 years .

Read the rest of the ANSA article here.

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