Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November Sweeps Begins Today

No, not for television, this is the liturgical version.
In my diocese, there are two "sweeps" months, May and November. During those months, the people attending Mass are counted and the data is sent to the diocese.

While the count was taken today, I started wondering if some parishes offer special programs, more interesting homilies, or give-a-ways in an effort to boost numbers like the television stations.

I am happy to say that my parish does not do such a thing.

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Brian Michael Page said...

In my diocese we do head counts for two weekends during October. This year those two weekends were 10/14-15 and 10/21-22. Like your parish, mine did absolutely nothing different. I too pride myself in being in a parish that is not "gimmick oriented". I guess "read the black and do the red" could be our "gimmick" LOL.

With my boss off tonight, we had Fr. Almeida as guest priest. You know him?