Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Where are you all from?

After I recover from the shock that people actually read my blog (and how many!), I am shocked by the wide geographical area from which you come.

Here are just a sampling of today's visitors:
(If country is not listed, it's United States)

Virginia, Fairfax
Maryland, Ft. Washington
New Hampshire, Nashua
Maryland, Frederick
New Jersey, Madison
Massachusetts, Amherst
New York, Yonkers
New York, Poughkeepsie
Maine, South Portland
New Jersey, North Bergen
Colorado, Aurora
New York, New York
New Jersey, Somerset
Texas, Dallas
New York, Rochester
Holy See, Vatican City State
Kentucky, Danville
District Of Columbia, Washington
Ontario, Toronto, Canada
Al Qahirah, Cairo, Egypt
Texas, Plano
North Carolina, Fayetteville
Ohio, Cleveland
England, Leeds, United Kingdom
Georgia, Atlanta
Louisiana, New Orleans
Karnataka, Bangalore, India
Ohio, Williamsburg
Malta, Luqa, Malta
Rhode Island, East Providence
North Carolina, New Bern
England, Manchester, United Kingdom
Rhode Island, Providence
California, Mountain View

Most of the visitors who found their way here through search engines, searched for information on the Papal Visit.


Brian Michael Page said...

You're getting hits from the Vatican? Way cool!

DominiSumus said...

Yep! :-) Every once in a while I get hits late at night from a German language computer. Today's was an English computer.