Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Celebrating the Ordinary

Last Sunday, we re-entered Ordinary Time. After the solemn preparation of Lent and the festivities of Easter, Ordinary Time can seem...well...ordinary.

This is also the summer. Religious Ed classes are on vacation, the weather is nice and people are taking vacations. Many people use the summer as an excuse to take a vacation from church. I have often wondered why, otherwise faithful Catholics disappear between the months of June and September, some don't return until October or November.

Have we created lives that are so busy, we don't have time for God? Have we decided that Ordinary Time is too ordinary?

We should celebrate the ordinary. The roses on the bush, the sunset, the robin searching in the grass, and the smile of a baby are all things that should be celebrated. Why wait for the extraordinary events when we have plenty to celebrate right now.

However, there is nothing ordinary about the celebration of Mass. The Mass is the center of our faith. It is the principal celebration in the lives of Catholics. The Mass is an extraordinary event! The sacrifice of the Mass is just as special this weekend as it was on Easter Sunday. The Eucharist hasn't changed now that it is no longer Easter Sunday. At every Mass, we celebrate the same mystery. The Mass doesn't change with the liturgical season. The only thing that changes is the aspect of that mystery we accentuate.

Remember, we don't need a special reason to celebrate God!

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Brian Michael Page said...

Have we decided that Ordinary Time is too ordinary?

Unfortunately true for many. They haven't gotten the concept that "Ordinary Time" is really "Ordinal Time", or the "Ordered Sundays", however you want to describe it. You and I both know it. Sadly, many others don't. Although I do have fun with the slogan "We like to make your Ordinary Time EXTRA-Ordinary" (LOL).