Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Vatican: The Board Game

There is a new board game called, Vatican: Unlock the Secrets of how Men become Pope.

According to the web site this game:
  • Highly educational and entertaining
  • Reveals the inner workings of the church, something not taught in any schools either Catholic or secular
  • Demonstrates how some cardinals become prominent enough to be considered viable candidates for pope, which was largely ignored by the media in it’s coverage of the last papal election
  • Reveals that the process whereby clerics advance their careers demands high achievement both as pastors in the service of the laity and their fellow bishops and as administrators in the service of the Church
  • Demonstrates that the process is generally open and above board and allows only the most competent to rise to the top
  • Dispels anti-Catholic myths propagated by such books as The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons
  • Takes the player through a simulation of the papal electoral process, something not done by any other board game
  • Presents the issues facing the church in the 21st century in historical perspective
  • Provides a unique tool for Catholic education from high school through adult education
  • Includes special rules that make it adaptable for classroom use
  • Provides an excellent way of promoting Catholic identity in families
  • Makes an excellent gift
Needless to say, I am entrigued.

On another note the writer of this game is a blogger.

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