Saturday, June 17, 2006

Papal Accomodations

The archbishopric of Valencia yesterday invited a select group of journalists to visit what are to be Pope Benedict XVI's private apartments in the Archbishop's Palace for the World Family Meeting next month.
These include a sitting room (main photo) that features recently restored works of art from the Diocesan Collection, as well as several private photographs.

The Papal bedchamber (2nd photo) measures twelve square metres, and a special antechamber (3rd photo) has been set up outside it, with the pope's secretaries having a bedroom each nearby, and an executive annex of 20 square metres.

The Papal suite, which is on the first floor of the Archbishop's Palace, has a total surface area of 186 square metres and other areas have been set aside for his doctors, members of the Swiss Guard, who accompany the pope on his foreign visits, and his other collaborators.

Designed by Valencian architect Jaime Aloy, the papal suite is the most recent addition to the Palace and has recently been restored from the more ancient part of the building.

It was also revealed that the pope's personal attendants will be four members of the Sisters of The Cross that habitually serve Valencia archbishop Agustin Garcia-Gasco.

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