Friday, October 06, 2006


I was watching some T.V. the other night and I stopped on the game show "Deal or No Deal". I watched the players get beaten by their own greed. Since the game began, no player has won the top prize.
The particular woman who was on that night was doing quite well and recieved a very generous offer of several hundred thousand dollars. She turned it down, believing that her "strategy" would pay off. This is a game without a real strategy. It is a game of luck and balancing the odds. Some players even have their superstitions. Choosing birthdays or 5 odd numbers followed by 5 even numbers, but the result is always the same. These "strategies" don't work.

In the game, greed usually wins over common sense. While there have been a few reasonable players, most players are always ready to risk it in order to get more. They are usually dissapointed when their "magic" formulae fail.

The game is a reflection of society. When will we learn to appreciate what we have and not focus on what we could have or want to have?

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