Friday, October 13, 2006

Msgr. Smith Speaks About Crash in Italy

Both Msgr. Smith and Cardinal Keeler are back in the United States following their serious car accident which took the life of Fr. Bernard Quinn of the Diocese of Harrisburg.
Msgr. Smith described the moment of the accident to the Intelligencer Journal, saying “It was a shock, the whole thing. I saw a car coming very, very fast. It was going to hit me, so I turned to avoid it and it broadsided us. It was a really ferocious impact. I know all about air bags now.”

Cardinal Keeler and Msgr Quinn flew back to the United States on the private jet of Francis Rooney, the U.S. ambassador to the Holy See.

When Fr. Quinn's body will be returned to the United States following an autopsy and embalming. His funeral is expected to take place late next week.

Read the article from the Intelligencer Journal here.

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