Friday, March 10, 2006

Real Liturgical Abuses

I was criticized on another board for encouraging my pastor to remove the holy water in the fonts and to fill the fonts with sand during the Lenten season. I really think some people need to start criticizing the real Liturgical abuses.

For example what happened at the funeral I played for today....

The celebrant was a religious order priest. He greeted the casket and the mourners at the door of the church as usual and everything was fine until he reached the altar. Once everyone was in their places, he asked them to sit. He then read a rather lengthy meditation piece that while lovely, really should have been incorporated into his homily. Then the readings were proclaimed complete with the celebrants redactions (rather awkward inclusive language). After the homily, he went directly to preparing the altar. He completely left out the General Intercessions. I do not know if this was intentional or accidental, but I suspect it was intentional. The Eucharistic Prayers were also redacted. Thankfully everything else on the celebrants end was in order. During Communion, I watched as a woman received and I assume had some crumbs left on her hands, so she casually brushed them off as she walked back to her seat. I was appalled. I resisted the urge to pick them up off the floor, but I restrained myself until Mass was over.

Unfortunately, this was not the worst example of Liturgical abuse I have seen. Oh no, I have been at Masses where the parishoners of St. Joan of Arc would be quite a home. Luckily, I am at a parish with a pastor who would never allow such abuses to take place on his watch.

Forget the sand in the fonts and go after the real Liturgical abuses.

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