Monday, July 16, 2007

St. Dominic's Chapel

St. Dominic's Chapel is one of my favorite places on the Providence College campus. For modern construction, dedicated in 2001, it isn't a badly designed church.

The first time I saw the chapel I had my doubts about what the inside would look like, but I think it is pretty inside. If you are wondering, the stained glass windows feature Dominican saints. However, the sanctuary windows feature the four evangelists. Each of the 45 windows was created by Sylvia Nicolas.

There is a real pipe organ. Ok, for the purists out there, it has electronic action, but it's still pipes. This organ was built by the Holtkalmp Organ Company from Cleveland, Ohio.

I have never seen a console where the keys are not black and white.

The sanctuary is very pretty. I could do without the bronze cross, but they aren't horrific. They were designed by Sylvia Nicolas, who also designed the windows, but they remind me of the work of a German woman. I can't remember what her name is, but I know that Cardinal Law had a great fondness for her work.

A close-up of the sanctuary.

The nave seats 600

When leaving the chapel from the main doors, you enter a large piazza. The building in the background was the location of the former Aquinas Chapel, now the Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies. The chapel occupied the first floor of the building. When the chapel was renovated, the stations of the cross and cruficix, as well as the main and side altars remained. I will add that the main altar is situated for Mass to be celebrated ad orientum.


Brian Michael Page said...

That has got to be the funkiest console I've ever seen. The good note, like you said, is that it's still pipes. Holtkamp makes a very good product (not to mention, on a more secular note: CLEVELAND ROCKS, hehehe).

I did look quick and say, WHERE'S THE STOPS? Then I realized the tabs are hued to match the wood of the console.

Have you ever seen the IV/120 Casavant at the Providence Cathedral (SS. Peter and Paul)? Black naturals, gold accidentals - one of the world's largest trackers. Has good sized visible expression shutters similar to the Casavant at St. Anne's.


Vox Cantor said...

A very beautiful "modern" church. It shows what an attentive architect can do--very Byzantine!

Brian Michael Page said...

That's one thing I do have to say - for a modern-style ediface it's far better than most.

Domini Sumus said...

The organ freaked me out the first time I saw it, but it grows on you. Plus, it sounds beautiful.

I have never seen the organ at SS. Peter and Paul up close, but it looks beautiful from the nave. One of these days I will get the chance.

I think the chapel is a good example of good modern architecture. There are some things I would change, but in general I have few complaints about it.