Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are You Catholic 1

You know you are Catholic when you are reading posts on a message board, see another poster being referred to as OP and wonder who the Dominican is.

Btw: In this context OP means Other Poster.
To me it means Order of Preachers


Brian Michael Page said...

My mom used to say, back when I was a teen smoker (mea culpa) that she used to smoke OP's (other people's) when she started. She's been smoke free 32 years now - at 76 she's still doing well. As for me - I've been smoke free 19-1/2 months.

Brian Michael Page said...

scratch that - she's 75 (not 76). oops.

Domini Sumus said...

The Dominicans did do some smoking way back when...oh no, that was roasting. ;-)

Congrats on 19 1/2 months smoke free. That is awesome.