Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Banning the HPV Vaccine

Poor reporting strikes again. On first glance it seems that the Diocese of Hamilton is planning to expel students who recieve the HPV vaccine, but that is not the case. This actually isn't newsworthy since it only states that school nurses are not allowed to administer the vaccine in the school. Since when did kids get vaccinated at school anyway? Leave it to Canada to come up with weird ideas. See what free health care comes with.

Also, the HPV vaccine doesn't prevent cervical cancer because although HPV is the primary cause, it is not the only cause of cervical cancer.

From 680 News:
The Halton Catholic School Board could become the first in the province to ban female students from receiving the HPV vaccine.

Trustees with the board will vote tonight on whether public health nurses should be allowed to administer the vaccine in its schools, according to a report in the Hamilton Spectator.

The human papilloma virus vaccine is offered to Grade 8 girls in Ontario, as a way to prevent cervical cancer in their future.

The ban could also cover the public health unit from counselling or giving advice on the vaccine to any student on board property.

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