Friday, September 14, 2007

High Mass on EWTN

Ok, I watched the High Mass on EWTN. Well, I watched until the offertory then my son demanded my attention and I was unable to watch the rest. I should have taped it.

Now, I must admit that I didn't particularly like it. That surprised me. I expected to see it and fall in love. Maybe it was because it was on TV, maybe it was because I am not used to it. I don't know. I am planning to attend one in person in the beginning of October and I hope that one will be better.

Please don't take the following statement the wrong way, but I couldn't get used to all the bowing and biretta on...biretta off...biretta on again. Finally, with my mouth hanging open I said, "Did the deacon just kiss the biretta". I ended up very distracted and found myself focusing on the choreography.

I wish I had been able to watch the Canon and I plan on ordering the DVD from EWTN. I'll give you my report after I attend one in person.


Mara Joy said...

yeah...kinda my thoughts, too.
I hear from people over and over, that it really does take about 6 months of going regularly to get past all this stuff and really be able to "participate" in it.

someday...maybe, I'll have the opportunity to go to it regularly for 6 months!

Domini Sumus said...

I am happy to know that you felt the same way.

I know of at least one parish in my area where it will be offered at a day and time which will be convenient for me. Unfortunately, it will only be once a month, for now, but I hope to attend it regularly.

My reaction really surprised me because I attended a Latin benediction and I loved it. Of course, there it didn't have all the choreography of a high Mass.

Lyn F. said...

greetings ... i did have the opportunity to attend a solemn high mass on 14 september (my impressions of that are on my blog). i didn't get a chance to actually see what was going on, mainly because i was part of the overflow crowd outside, but my overall impression was extremely positive, and i would love to seek out other solemn high masses when i get the chance. happily, tptb in the diocese of raleigh will do their level best to ensure that masses in the extraordinary form will be made more readily available to the faithful.

and that, imho, is a good thing.