Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Get Your Fake Tickets

Reuters is reporting that a Brazilian man claiming to be a priest celebrated Mass and heard confessions in an attempt to get people to buy tickets to the upcoming Papal Mass.

Here is the story:
A man posing as a Catholic priest was arrested for selling phony tickets to get near Pope Benedict

Erivandro Ferrer de Lima had charged believers 175 reais ($81.78) in cash and another 375 reais in installments for the possibility of "getting close and touching" the Pope, Police Inspector Rosicleide de Castro said by telephone from Fortaleza in the northeastern Ceara state.Lima carried a false credential from the Brazilian Bishops Conference, held mass and heard hundreds of confessions to prey on his victims, Castro said.

"There are a lot of upset people," Castro said.

Brazil has more Catholic believers than any other country in the world.In May, Pope Benedict will open the Latin American Episcopal Conference.($1 = 2.15 reais)

Source: Reuters via Yahoo News

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