Sunday, January 14, 2007

Interesting Use of the Pallium

Here is Archbishop-elect Cremona's coat of arms. I find it very interesting, especially since the pallium is superimposed on the Dominican symbol. The representation of the white habit and black cloak.

From Malta Star:

The coat of arms incorporates the three families of Mgr Cremona and his Episcopal insignia. In the top half of the shield there is the black cloak over the white habit of the Dominican order which has been the Archbishop’s religious family since he joined the order 45 years ago aged 16. In the remaining space of the shield the left half is taken up by the arms of the Cremona family while the Cauchi family, of Mgr. Cremona’s mother, is seen on the right.
The arms are surmounted by the green galero or Episcopal hat with a set of 10 tassels on either side. Emerging between the tassesls from behing the shield is a white Maltese cross to indicate the territory over which Mgr Cremona has pastoral responsibility. Below the galero and behind the shield there is also an archiepiscopal cross to indicate, together with the tassels and the pallium on the upper half of the shield, Mgr. Cremona’s rank.

At the bottom, below the shield is the new Archbishop’s motto – Prepare the way for the Lord!

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