Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Returning "Home"

Let me begin by wishing a happy new year to everyone. 2006 seems to have passed by in a blur.

I am back at school now. I am beginning the new semester by taking an 8 day intensive course so I can have a lighter courseload for the rest of the semester... particularly during Lent and Holy Week.

While I didn't do a quarter of what I had planned during my 3 week break, it feels good to be back. I am sitting here in the library surrounded by my friends. The books! I am going to head over to the chapel for Mass in a little while. My two favorite places on campus are the chapel and the library. The chapel has to come first of course, due to the presence of Our Lord. I suspect the new Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies and the new St. Catherine of Siena Hall (the theology building) will become my other two favorite places once I get over there to check them out. They were just opened a short time ago.

During my short vacation, I visited the Knights of Columbus museum in New London CT. The museum is quite nice, despite being located in a tremendously ugly building. I will write more about the museum and the exhibits at another time.

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