Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Beast of Burden for the Lord

As I was walking across campus today in the burning heat, carrying probably more than 20 lbs of books in my backpack, my notebook computer in my right hand and another 15 lbs of books in a bag in hy left hand, I couldn't help but think of the Bear of Corbinian.

The Bear of Corbinian is prominently displayed on Pope Benedict's coat of arms. The legend tells us that Bishop Corbinian was travelling from Bavaria to Rome in the 8th century and came across a bear. He commanded the bear to carry his pack and the bear obeyed. Upon arrival he released the bear from service and it returned home.

Pope Benedict once said that he chose the image for his coat of arms because he is a beast of burden for the Lord. I imagine that one of his first experiences with being a beast of burden must have been in college. Just think, those were the days before the internet.

As I walked across campus with a backpack and tote bag full of theological texts, I couldn't think of anything else except that at that moment I was literally a beast of burden for the Lord. My term paper was due today and I did finish and submit it. It didn't turn out as good as I had hoped it would, but it is ok.

The summer semester comes to an end on Thursday. I plan on enjoying my all too short vacation and returning to school in the fall.

Lord, I am studying to know You more completely, to love You more and to serve You and your Church better. I know You told me to take up my cross and follow You, I just didn't know one of my crosses would be in the shape of a backpack.

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