Saturday, August 26, 2006

Recap of Fr. Foster's Lecture

Iosephus has informed me of a great post on his blog about the lecture given by Fr. Reginald Foster at Notre Dame. After reading his post and am deeply regretting not being in attendance, but one cannot be everywhere at once and after travelling to Rome for the consistory, I am currently on a travel moratorium. Gotta finish paying for Rome.

Here is a tidbit from the post, but you have to head over there to read the rest. It is excellent.

The talk was held in Notre Dame's Law School and the crowd who came to see Reggie was large enough that we had to remove from a lecture hall, of modest size, to the court room, slightly larger, one floor up; even there, there were not enough places for people to sit. My family and I had come all the way from East Lansing; my friend, Iacobus (not the inimitable Iacobus of this blog) came from Iowa City; I talked to a priest who had come from Chicago; I talked to a Chemistry professor who had come over from Valparaiso (my alma mater); and then, of course, there were any number of people from Notre Dame and St. Mary's, etc. Reggie drew quite an audience, though I imagine that, by and large, it was Catholic, if the number of men in clericals was proportionate to the laity in the group.

Read the rest of the post here.

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