Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Great Monsignor

The New York Daily News printed this article about Msgr. Ganswein yesterday.

Ladies, here's one more man you won't be getting.
The Rev. Monsignor Georg Gaenswein, the Pope's private secretary, has become the first papal pinup.
Gorgeous Georg, as Gaenswein is often called, has movie-star looks - he has been compared to George Clooney and Hugh Grant - and a charismatic character that's been gaining him many female fans.
The 50-year-old has been called "divinely handsome" by Maria Luisa Agnese, editor of the Italian magazine Corriere. And the former Italian first lady once congratulated the Pope on live television for choosing the Black Forest Adonis.
He has been photographed in tennis shorts and Nike outfits while exercising - he plays soccer, canoes and even flies airplanes. A member of an exclusive ski club in the Austrian Alps, he hits the slopes so gracefully that he has been named honorary ski master of the Courmayeur ski school. The stylish, debonair cleric has even been accused of imparting a few fashion tips to his boss.
"He is young and good-looking and unavailable," says Malena Calzetta, 27, who lives in Milan. "A lot of women want what they can't have. It makes them feel dramatic - like they are in the movies. Plus, he plays tennis. How many people in the church play tennis?"
But while Gaenswein cuts loose during his free time, he's all business on the job. Within the Catholic Church he's known as a staunch conservative, an impressive theologian who adheres strictly to doctrine. He's considered part of a rising German influence within the Vatican that's taken form with Benedict XVI's ascension.


Fr.Dennis said...

I think it's funny that the New York Daily News prints a story about a monsignor who is a "papal pinup"? Who cares that he's just intelligent. We don't do stories about those types of people.

But, thanks for telling me about him. I'll see if I can find some of his writings. I wonder if he's really ultra conservative.

DominiSumus said...

It really is a pitiful article. I haven't been able to find much information about him, other than those articles about his looks. What else can we expect from the media which is more interested in Pope Benedict's shoes than his message?

If you find anything interesting, I would love to hear about it.