Saturday, February 17, 2007

Archbishop Lipscomb Gets New Pallium

From the Press Register:

Mobile Catholic Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb said he received a new pallium Thursday night from the Vatican to replace the one stolen from his car on Christmas Eve.

The pallium was taken from Lipscomb's Mercedes about 6:30 p.m. Christmas Eve in front of a home on Spring Bank Road in Mobile's Spring Hill neighborhood. Several other religious items also were stolen.

Lipscomb said he had planned to petition church officials in the Vatican for a new pallium while he was there for work next month. A pallium, worn around the neck, chest and shoulders, is a white, woolen circular band, 2 inches wide, ornamented with six small black crosses and weighted pendants in the front and back, according to the Maryknoll Catholic Dictionary.

Lipscomb said he returned from Montgomery on Thursday night to find a packet sent to him by the pope's representative in Washington, D.C., who had apparently asked the Vatican for the new pallium.

"I didn't even have to ask for one," Lipscomb said Friday.

Two of the items stolen from his car, a pectoral cross and his crosier, or ceremonial shepherd's staff, have been recovered by two separate thrift store shoppers.

Both items were found at America's Thrift Stores at 312 Schillinger Road in west Mobile near Airport Boulevard. The pectoral cross was bought for $6, the crosier for $10.96.

My advice to all thrift shop managers: the average Catholic does not have a crozier in his house. Now, where is that pallium?

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