Saturday, February 17, 2007

Polish Priests Win Gold in Soccer Championship

Not the Clericus Cup, but almost as good. Reuters is reporting that the third European Priests Football Championship was held in Sarajevo. 100 priests from 10 countries participated. The participating countries were: Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

A hundred Roman Catholic priests from all over Europe swapped their cassocks for football strips in Sarajevo this week to compete in an indoor football championship organised by the church.

The winners were: Gold - Poland, Silver - Croatia, Bronze - Bosnia.
"We are here because we love football," said Father Zarko Relota, captain of tournament favourites Croatia, which won both previous championships.

"We are absolutely going to win again," he said during his team's presentation at the opening ceremony.

As the games kicked off, the priests, proudly sporting national colours, showed off their tackling and dribbling skills in front of crowds of Catholic seminarians.


In Sarajevo's sports hall an action-packed game saw Croatia edge Portugal 11-10 on penalties while Bosnia went down to Poland 0-1 in front of cheering nuns.

"The motto of this championship is 'Meeting through Sport'," said Monsignor Ivo Tomasevic of Bosnia's Archbishopric, which is hosting the tournament.

Read the complete article here and see pictures here.

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