Tuesday, February 13, 2007

China Attempts to Reach Religious Accord

No, not with Catholics, with Muslims.

While faithful Catholics are persecuted, false bishops are installed, and priests are restricted from preaching the truth, Chinese State TV is banning advertizing featuring pigs. Why? Because Muslims might be offended by the image of the porkers.

Think it's a joke? Read this from Asia News:

In a week’s time, the Chinese world will celebrate the New Year under the zodiac sign of the Pig. But for the Year of the Pig, the Chinese government has banned all adverts showing this animal. Beijing is hoping to gain kudos from Islamic states for its sensitivity and respect for their religious convictions even if it continues repressing the Muslim minority, especially in Xinjiang.

In letter to advertising agencies, the main state television CCTV warned that “since China is a multi-cultural country, out of respect for the religious convictions of Muslims, images of pigs must be avoided in 2007.” TV sources said: “This was indicated to us from top government quarters... to protect harmony between different religions and ethnic groups”.

Read the complete article here.

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